FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • Is BoxTomorrow safe? How can I be sure no one can read the content of my box?

    Box is a service created to ensure maximum security to who decides to create a digital will. To discover the science and the studies behind BoxTomorrow you can see our scientific page.

  • How will the data be encrypted by the provider?

    Actually, the data is encrypted before being uploaded on BoxTomorrow. The key chosen by the creator of the hashed box is non reversible thanks to SHA3 512bit (take the bank data as an example, it only reaches a SHA2 256bit).

  • What happens in case of an Hacker attack?

    The data is sent to BoxTomorrow only after being encrypted, this means that if an Hacker attacks BoxTomorrow he would not find anything. That is so because the data itself is made inaccessible thanks to the encrypting mechanism used to store it in the box.

  • How long does a Box last?

    Boxes does not expire, the creator can decide to eliminate one whenever he wants (of course before the passing). The beneficiary, only after having opened a box, can decide to eliminate it.

  • How many beneficiaries can be chosen?

    There is not a maximum number of beneficiaries, but they have to be at least two.

  • Can I change beneficiaries?

    Beneficiaries can be edited in any moment, the only restriction is that there must always be at least two of them.

  • Is BoxTomorrow free?

    Yes, BoxTomorrow is an entirely free service.

  • Who can see my Box?

    The content of a box can only be seen after the decease of the creator and only by the beneficiaries previously chosen by him or her.

  • What happens when a box is deleted?

    When a box is deleted all its content is automatically deleted as well. Of course only the owner has the right to delete the box.

  • What can I upload in my box?

    Photos, images, videos, documents and messages can be uploaded in the box by the creator. The content of the box can be edited at any time by the owner.