How does BoxTomorrow work?

With BoxTomorrow it is now possible to create an online will. Leave pictures, files, documents and passwords to the people you will choose. Everything is secure, and your privacy is respected.

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Create your box

Give a name to the box

Before creating a box you have to name it. For example you can create a box for your relatives and call it "Family", one for the "Friends" and one for your "Children".

Close the box

To make it safe seal your box with a password that nobody knows. Do not forget this password, you will need it to access and/or edit the box.

Add Beneficiaries

Begin to invite the people you decided to donate a part of your digital life. They will receive a confirmation email to officially become the beneficiaries of your box.

Share the keys with the beneficiaries

The creators of a box will have to give a digital key to their beneficiaries. Only when all the keys will be entered, the box will be accessible (more info on your box security).

Choose a Quorum

The Quorum is the minimum number of the beneficiaries. To reach it they have to answer to your invite via email, otherwise they will not be able to access the box in the future.

Activate box

The box is finally ready. Here you can leave your last wishes, your confessions and everything that matters to you: account access, documents, photos and video.

Become Beneficiary

You have been chosen as a BoxTomorrow beneficiary, that means that someone loves and trusts you.

You will receive an email with all the instructions to become an official beneficiary, and fulfill the last wishes of the person who has chosen you.

Open the box

  • Request Opening

    When the owner of the box will pass away, you will be able to request the opening of the box.

  • Wait for answer

    Wait the expiration of the waiting days set by the owner of the box. This will make your box more secure avoiding a premature opening.

  • Unlock box

    Enter the password given by the owner.

  • Reach Quorum

    Wait until all the beneficiaries enter their key. Only when the quorum has been reached they will be able to open the box.

You will be able to open the box only when the owner will be departed.

To open the box log in your BoxTomorrow profile and open the page "Received Boxes". Then click on "Request Opening".

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